Not a good start....

One month gone with a blink... Time flies huh! Done so many things and I can'f find time to update my blog. I'm not sure why I'm pushing myself too hard.. Appu just told me yesterday.. I've always been like that. Am I? I wonder why but when I think about it... Yes! I am like that. When I was working in Starbucks, within the first week itself I wanted to master the skills to make all type of drinks. Then, when I join Singapore Airlines, within the first month of flying itself I wanted to be perfect. Now, I just joined Prudential Assurance ( about a week) and I wanted to get people's contact and to make appointment. When, I don't achieve it, I'll get so upset and angry!!!! Probably it's just me... being a virgo... the perfectionist!!! It's just killing me!!!! Arghhhh.... I am so demotivated. I know its always hard in the beginning but I just can't make myself understand this FACT!!!!! Poor Appu have to put up with all my nonsense...

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