Busy as a bee..

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I've been very very extremely busy lately... Been squeezing my time as a crafter besides being a wife, a mummy and a teacher... Sigh.. many jobs in hand huh... My past few entries were on giveaways only as I just need to copy and paste (and try my luck too *giggles*)... Hope I can squeeze my time as a blogger too...

Well.. currently I'm transferring pics from my LUMIX to pc.. It's mostly my craft work.. I haven't got a chance to transfer thousands of pic from my D5000... Phew. not sure how long it's gonna take... But definitely I'll be doing it today as I have to clear my SD card before I attend a photography seminar tomorrow.. Hopefully I could enhance my skill..

I've opened up my own craft blog too.. which is still under construction.. Hopefully I can decorate it this weekend as my parents-in-law will be around to attend to my princess.. Jasmine has been taking up most of my time.. coz she is an ATTENTION SEEKER.. well I'm not complaining... =)

My future entries will be more like....let the picture do the talking type since I have not much time to write a lot (unless time permits)

I'll be uploading pictures on FB on what I'm up to nowadays... CRAFT of course.. variety types of craft.. and I managed to find a buyer for my fabulous BRANDED bag.. I'm so gonna miss my precious but I think it will be in good hand... Rather than keeping in the dust bag in my closet.. I better sell it to person who truly used it...

Okay.. time to make dinner before my babies back...

Signing off.. Miaow...

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