I need to BREATHE!!!

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The month of February been the the busiest so far (well, theres Mar, Apr n so on). Hopefully, I'll be less busy in the months to comes. I manage to get some free time after school yesterday.. When I sat on the sofa to get the remote... Ting!!! I remembered.. There's tonnes of test papers to mark by Friday (today!!) Coz I need to submit the marks by today!!!! I have to as I am summoned by JPN to report myself for a course in a GOD knows place on SUNDAY!!!! There goes my weekend again..... I love courses but WHY is it must be this Sunday when I was looking forward to rest my body n mind.. WHY I have to stay in a hostel not HOTEL? Melebih pulak.. Hehehe...

So here I am in between doing the laundry, ironing, changing new sheets, packing and clearing the house (Jasmine loves to make the house messy.. I think it has to be her new hobby)...updating my blog...abandoning my craft project.... This month.. no sewing project (Tho I have an order with no date line.. phew..*relieved*) Only paper craft.. Made few cards which I yet to upload... Hopefully.. I will have more free time and free weekend in March... 


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