Eventful May

I know I know... It has been more than a month I abandoned my blog... Shame on me for not making the time but I was really busy to the max last month... Okay  where shall I start??? Hmmm...

May kicked off with me getting a tablet for myself.... Yippie... It was not a planned purchase.. I promise. Was with Appu at PISA during the PC Fair... I was actually surveying on netbook then Ipad caught my eyes... So just then Appu explained to me how a tablet works.. Compared netbook and tablet, made a very fast decision and purchased Samsung Galaxy Tablet... WOW!!! And now, Papa and Jasmine are fighting over it to play Angry Birds.
Pic from Samsung

Then, a lot of meeting and workshop I attended in May added with May School Activities - Farewell Dinner, Appreciation Dinner, Teacher's Day, Language Activities, Sports Practice, Language Activities etc etc...

Finally, May 28th came and it's SCHOOL BREAK!!!! Yahoo... Made a trip to Kelate....

More updates coming soon....


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