Korean Restaurant - DAORAE

Had a family dinner (mum's treat) on Friday as sister was home from Singapore (she works there).

My mum is Korean drama freak... How freak??? She watches the same serial - Full-House for the 4th time... All over again and not get bored of it... Every time I go her place, the Astro channel will be stuck at the Korean channel unless Jazzy hijacks the TV to watch her Bambi...

So my mum decided to treat us to Korean delight.. I suggested Doarae as I've been there with my bestie, Julie.. All of us enjoyed the food and the ambiance there. When I went there Julie, I thought it was expensive.. It was only 2 of us and the portion was huge and I think we over ordered the dishes.. Then I realized that it was much more worth it if you go in groups.. You'll have a variety of food and the price is reasonable.. Please don't OVER order the rice.. It's sticky rice. Many of us in fact all of us only manage to eat half of the small silver bowl except my hubby who don't believe in wasting it.. *giggles*

RATING: Food was delicious and loving the environment..

It's located at I-Avenue, Bukit Jambul and the other is at Tanjung Tokong.. I think they have branch in other states too...

I did not take many pic as my compact camera batt was flat..

Picture from Google Images


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