Road Trip - Perak

First of all... Congratulations to our football team who won the Suzuki Cup.... You have done Malaysia proud!!!!

Since PM declared a PH on 31st Dec, we decided to drive to Ipoh for the long weekend.. I rushed to finish my school work and finally we left Penang at 9ish on Thursday Night... Then on Friday, we made an impromptu decision to have lunch at Kampung Koh then adjourned to Teluk Batik to spend time by the beach and shop at Lumut....

First stop, Amu Seafood Restaurant @ Kampung Koh

Entrance to Amu

Local Goodies

 Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the dishes.. It always happened to me when it comes to food...Hehehe.. The 4 of us (Papa, Mummy, Appu and I) and Jazzy had... Black Pepper Mud Crab, Clams, Steamed Garoupa, Squids, Fried Mee Hoon including 4 glasses of Toddy and 2 Coconut Juice... The bill was only RM98.00. Unbelievable!!!! The food was CHEAP and YUMMYLICIOUS...

Then, we drove to Lumut to get my stock of ikan bilis and other delicacies such as Dahfa fish strips, Fish Satay and many more...

Local Goodies Shop

She found her Princess Tube

At the Lumut  Jetty
We skipped Teluk Batik as Jasmine slept off in the car....Well, it was a well spent day.... What a way to end 2010.... *Happiness*


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