Dolce Vita!

Since it has been like hmm... 18 months ago I last updated my blog (besides yesterday's post).. I would like to update about my Dolce Vita which means Sweet Life in Italian. Of course I will not write every single details (one day will not be enough).. I will make it simple and sweet like my title k..

March 2008 to June 2008

Been trying time for me.. Being pregnant, moody and husbandless. Don't get me wrong. Hubby was away on business trip to Florida and I'm unable to follow as it was my last trimester of my pregnancy. Thank God he was back when Princess Jasmine Asha came to world on 21st June 2008. It was a smooth delivery. I was induced as my Gynae said there was not much activity in my tummy.. It was a funny experience...

I was induced twice on the 20th but still no contraction.. I told hubby to go back as I still don't feel the pain. The nurses checked on me few time but still no contractions. I took a walk in the garden which located in the heart of the hospital. Nurses were surprised as I still could walk. I'm not trying to act macho but I still didn't experience the contraction. To tell the truth, I was quite active during my pregnancy... Doing road trips and hiking and of course dancing...

Okay getting back to my story... When night falls... my contraction started but it was bareable but what was torturing me was.. I couldn't sleep as I was feeling uncomfortable. As I was tossing and turning, I fell asleep and got up when a nurse woke me up and said "Jom Miss kita pergi ke bawah". I asked her, "Pergi mana, nurse?". She said, "Delivery Suite". I was like... huh?!!! She was asking me as though we were like going to the shopping mall...

I was shocked and I felt jittery and excited..all mixed up feeling like my mum's mixed fruit cake.. Oh my God!! I am going to have baby.... The first question came out from my mouth was "Nurse, nak mandi dulu boleh tak?". The nurse just laughed and said that I could shower at the suite. She asked me whether I need a wheelchair and I said no way I'm gonna sit on that. Anyway, I still could walk. As we were getting into the lift, hubby came to the rescue with my toiletries...

Okay.. I feel my story is getting longer. This is my first ever time writting in detail about my delivery journey. What the heck!.. since I have the inspiration..better write... Anyway.....I was trying to act macho la at first as I told hubby that I don't want any painkiller but after 2 hours I couldn't bare the pain. I was administered an epidural (which cost me a thousand bucks). I slept off thru out and woken up by my gynae and told me it is time to push... Well, it happened again... First it was the nurse, now the Gynae.. as though she was asking me to push the shopping cart.. Funny right?

I struggled a bit maybe about 30 minutes and Princess Jasmine Asha was out at 3.01 p.m. with the help of forceps (and my gynae of course!). Phewww... what a relieve... I felt really tired but happy and proud when my princess in my arms... My hubby smiled with a proud look and said "Good job!" as though I just completed a crossword puzzle... Kwang kwang kwang.... Hehehe.. It's so Appu... I love him!!!

July 2008 - December 2008

Been busy living up to my responsibilty as a wife and mother and getting adjusted to the new role. My mother and mother-in-law have been a great help. Of course my hubby was there as my pillar. Thank God I was not really 'working' so my job was feeding Princess, resting and do some light house chores.

One happy family!

January 2009 - now

New year, new baby, new life as a student. Yup.. You heard me right! I am a student going thru a KPLI course (KURSUS PERGURUAN LEPASAN IJAZAH).. at a Teacher's Training College in Sungai Petani, Kedah. You heard me right again... They are grooming me to become a Teacher soon.... Yes... TEACHER SHUBIE!!!!! I bet none of you will think I will choose this career. In fact, 'it' chose me... I can't believe it myself that I'll be a teacher. I agree it is a drastic change between life as an air stewardess and life as a teacher but I am very sure that I'll do well! At first, I was not really into it until I was in a school in Baling for my practicum for 3 months. It's a different kinda life. Now, I'm on a week holiday (which ends today) before I go back to college (tomorrow). Tomorrow will be the day we can catch up with lotsa gossips.. Oh how I miss college life!! *giggles*

Life as a (grown) student...

Well... waddya think??? Dolce Vita, right? Actually there's a lot more to write but as promised I made it simple.. Just to update what I've been doing.. I hope I will continue updating my blog as I don't to miss out on any events.. Btw, my Princess just starting walking few days ago and my varsity mate, Vaani got engaged last week. She is the last in the gang that will be ending her single life soon...

That's all for today.... Miaow....

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