OMG!! I forgot!!!

Date : 15 Dec 2009... I saw the date but it didn't hit me... When I bid my hubby goodbye before he leaves for work, suddenly, he said... 'Happy Wedding Day!' OMG!!! I FORGOT! How can I??? I'm so sorry, dear.. I admit.. I forgot. The reasons for my forgetfulness....(maybe) are...
1. Tensed (the posting)
2. Busy in the kitchen (I've been cooking 3 times daily)
3. Not focused

Anyway... damage has been done.. but not too late to make it up.... HAPPY WEDDING DAY, APPU BOY!!!
Went to temple (the one where he tied 'Thali' *yellow string or should I say gold string* to me) at Datuk Keramat Road. We brought Princess Jasmine along.. Then, we adjourned to the latest mall in Penang, Times Square... I liked the outdoor landscaping.. Went to Sunshine City Supermarket to get some groceries and went home.

Jazzy girl couldn't stop crying when we were about to go to bed.. Not sure what was the reason. Maybe blocked nose as she was having flu... So, Papa's duty to make her stop crying as she refused to go to her Mimi (that's what she calls me instead of Mummy). Finally, she fell asleep after watching the Apes on Animal Planet....

Yawn.... Tiring day. Just popped a flu tablet... Feeling drowsy now... Miaow...

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jps December 16, 2009 at 6:32 PM  

nolah - you have so many dates to remember you are forgiven (there is the june registration date, the penang temple wedding date, the chinese wedding banquet wedding date!)


Siamesecatz December 16, 2009 at 6:48 PM  

thanks a bunch!!! *all smiles*

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