Planning a surprise dinner...

Just got back from my shopping spree... Woohooo.... Then I realised that I should do something tonight to make it up to my hubby for yesterday's incident. I am planning to do a 3 course meal....
Starter - Creamy Mushroom Soup
Main Course - Baked Cod with Grilled Vegetables
Dessert - Rasberry Ice Cream with Almond Biscotti

You must be wondering why I'm writing the blog before the surprise so-called candle light dinner... I can strongly say that my hubby is not a fan of my blog... (any blog for the matter) I must literally force him to read my blog.. Kwang...kwang...kwang...

I hope my dishes will turn out well and Appu boy will enjoy the 3 course meal specially prepared for him. I hope he'll be surprised too as I told him this morning that I'll be serving him bread with left over fish curry for dinner.. *giggles*
Okay, I'm gonna start with the biscotti now... Miaow...

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jps December 16, 2009 at 6:29 PM  

sounds delicious - my brother will wallop lah !

can't wait to taste your laksa lemak!!!!

Siamesecatz December 16, 2009 at 6:47 PM  

He wallop anything la... You know your brother..
Don't worry... I'll keep some laksa for you before I serve the gang...

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