ROTL Reunion (18Dec-21Dec)

Return of The Losers or ROTL....actual formation date is unknown but the original members were branded 'losers' for the following reasons...
1. Being stuck to Bollywood movies
2. Inability to sustain a relationship till marriage (was eliminated as Appu got married and Reimi is getting there soon..)
3. Inherent ability to cause public embarassment
The original members were Dev, Reimi, Jacqueline, Appu & Joyce....and later new members Shubie & Jasmine Asha were added. ROTL proved to be active in the constant ability of the team members to exhibit the 3 mentioned traits throughout the ROTL gatherings and reunions...
Source : Appu

Joyce, Reimi and Dev arrived first about 2ish... I served them Laksa Lemak Udang.. Don't know why it was not as tasty as the previous one I made... Hmmm... *sulking* Anyway, after having lunch we supposed to go to airport to fetch the last member of ROTL. But before that, we plan to make a banner to welcome her. Joyce, Reimi, Jasmine (yeah she contributed too) and I started making the banner and greeted Jacqueline’s arrival at the arrival hall…

1st day – Dinner : Good All Food Court @ Jalan Bagan Jermal
2nd day – Lunch : Tajuddin Husin Nasi Kandar, Dessert : Cendol, Dinner : Bagan, Supper : Redbox Karaoke

3rd day – Lunch : Line Clear Nasi Kandar, Tea : Mum’s Mee Hoon, Dinner : Teluk Kumbar Sefood
Final day – Breakfast : Egg + Bacon + Mushroom with bread, Lunch : Mamak Mee Goreng, Hameed 'Pata' Special, Padang Kota

We bumped into Chef Wan at Line Clear Nasi Kandar… He was shooting for a cook show and asked hubby’s permission to cut his queue. So he stood between me and Appu.. He is very friendly guy… Just like you see him on TV.

On Monday, they left to Taiping to continue their eating spree… I enjoy hosting so much and loved their company. Hopefully they will plan another reunion next year.. Miaow....

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SIL,  December 29, 2009 at 4:55 PM  

it was splendid and you are a really good host! 5 star hospitality!

see you on the 4th!!!!

p.s. missing jasmine and barney

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