Burger Queen

Have I ever mention that one of my favourite food is the Ramly Burger. You know.. the burger that they sell in a small stall by the roadside... Since it's not healthy, Appu always discourages me from buying it. I asked him can I do it myself? Surprisingly, he allowed me to get the chicken patty. Apa lagi, I seized the opportunity to get a bag of 650gm chicken patty.

Immediately after reaching home, I thawed the patty and started cooking my own version of Ramly Burger.. I try to make not as unhealthy as possible.. I used brown bread instead of the normal bun. I stuffed lotsa vegetables and I used Snow spread instead of oil to fry the burger.

It tasted similiar like the one we get by the roadside but it only costed about RM1.00 each. Out there, the price can go up as high as Rm3.50. Gosh! Ridiculous isn't it? I think I should start thinking about setting up a burger stall. *giggles*

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