Before I start writing the blog, I would like to write something about myself. I'm from a mix parentage - Indian (Dad) and Siamese (Mum). I'm the eldest in the family. My lovely mother is working in a Kindergarten to pass her time.. Amma has been living in Penang for more than 30 years. She's from Perlis originally. My energetic sis, Thini, is now in Singapore working with SIA and my quiet and rebellious brother, Vinod, is doing his Diploma in TAR College. Finally, I got registered to an exquisite man, Appu, last June. He was the reason why I moved to Penang. Leaving behind a great lifestyle and good $ in Singapore!! Nevertheless, I have no regrets!!! I love what I'm doing now. My latest passion is cooking and baking! I never thought that I'll enjoy cooking but look at me now! I'm cooking almost everyday and baking every other day! I surprised myself actually!

Everybody kept asking if I ever get bored staying at home for not working. Hey people... I'm not bored at all. I keep myself occupied. I cook meal twice a day and bake in the afternoons. Some of the time I'll catch up with movies or read books or magazines. I do also go out with my best buddy, Sella. But what I love most is shopping with my husband. Stop imagining! I'm not that lucky to get husband who loves to do shopping for clothes, shoes, bags and etc. Mine is groceries shopping.. He loves the morning market!

OK.. There's actually a lot more but I think I better stop writing more about it. I have 2 other blogs besides this..
They are more about my life in Singapore and my pictures taken while I was still flying with SIA. Enjoy....

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