Great place to dine - Audees

I actually managed to bake a chocolate cake for Appu Boy's Birthday. The cake was from a recipe book (more like a magazine) titled Everyday Food by Woman' s Day which I bought in Melbourne. The magazine is all about "Eat more, weigh less". The recipe is coming up in the next posting.

We celebrated Appu Boy's birthday at a restaurant called Audees. Just the two of us. It's a jazz and wine restaurant which serve fusion food - Italian and Western dish with a twist of Asian flavour. I love the ambiance. It's cozy but classy. The service... I would say FIRST CLASS!

As I placed the cake on the table, the waiter offered to store the cake in the chiller so that we can indulge the cake as dessert later. This is what I call initiative, which we rarely get in Malaysia's service industry. I've ordered The Ostrich - Mushroom cream pasta with Ostrich sausages and Appu ordered The Black Cod (he LOVES fish!) for main course. We've also ordered a starter and clam chowder. I don't have any picture of it because we whacked the starter and soup immediately when it arrived at the table. Lol. Oh ya! I brought the camera but only to realise that I left the memory card in my laptop!!!! Arghhh!!!! So I manage to take a few snaps with my Motorola E1030...

After the main course, the waiter asked whether we were keen on their dessert. It seems the dessert there such as Cream Amurula Souffle and Green Tea Ice Cream Cake are famous. Unfortunately, I have to give a pass considering that I've brought my homemade cake. Since I'm a amateur in baking, so the cake was a plain choc cake. The waiter asked whether we want it to be decorated. Of course, I do!!!! My heavens!! They really went the extra mile to make the day so memorable for us.

After about 15 minutes, the lights went off. The waiter together with Mr. Balan (Chef de cuisine) walked toward our table with the decorated cake. There's a candle as well!!!. Although it was Appu's birthday but I was the one who's getting so emotional. They sang Happy Birthday song and waited for Appu to blow the candle. It was a memorable night indeed! The crew offered to cut the cake and we offered them some. It was first choc cake and I'm proud to say it turned out well.. Yummy!!

Audees made our night so complete!!! The food is great and the service is EXCELLENT!!!! They open daily for lunch and dinner. Contact no. 604 - 229 8022. Double thumbs up for this place!

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