Happy Birthday, Darling!!!

Today is Appu Boy's birthday but the feast started yesterday. First, I made him a pyramid full of chocolates , strawberries, marshmallows, grapes and roses as decoration. It was a surprise..

After he left to work, I rushed to market to get the roses and then I dashed to Jusco. After parking my car, then I realised it was 9.30am. Jusco opens at 10.30am. I felt so stupid. After paying the parking ticket, I rushed to Tesco to get strawberries and chocolates. Then, I went back home to get started on my project. It was quite messy as I ran out of time. I plan to give before he comes home for lunch. At 11.00am, I called his friend, Sharen, to do me a favour. I asked her to come out of the office to get the gift from me and pass it to Appu Boy. He got a shock to receive it from Sharen. Thanks for you help, babes! Sharen smsed me saying that he is showing the gift to everybody! As usual, he is being 'perasan' case!

After lunch, I did chocolate cupcakes!! It didn't go too well because the surface is too hard but the inner texture is great. To make it look good, Sella and I decorated it... It looks so lovely! I thought baking a cake today but since the weather is so gloomy, I'm feeling too lazy to get off from my laptop.

I made a reservation at a cozy restaurant in Pulau Tikus to have a quiet birthday dinner with him. Before that, we'll be heading to Ganesha Temple at Waterfall Road to seek blessing on his birthday.

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jps October 15, 2007 at 10:42 AM  

I look forward to eating your cupcakes in December! They look yum!

Shubie Mohan October 16, 2007 at 11:10 AM  

jacquie... you'll get your cupcakes in december.. just let me know which flavour you like..

toriteriyaki... usually i'll buy gifts but since i'm not employed, I have to opt for DIYs .. lol! Safe cost...

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