I got diarrhea since yesterday. Actually 3 of us - including Mother and Appu. Not sure what we really ate but we whacked all the Raya goodies.

This morning, the 3 of us went to Nagama (Snake Goddess) Temple at Silibin. Appu found a green-colored snake at our Penang house balcony. So, my father in-law said that we should go to Nagama Temple to pray. Later, we went to Taoist Temple - Tow Boo Keong. It was my first time stepping into a Taoist temple. Since it was a Saturday and a special week as the Taoist celebrating 9 Emperors God festival, the temple was crowded and smoky (due to the joss-stick smoke). The smoke was like smoking for a year compressed in one day! Lol! We bought the joss-sticks and lotus paste buns as an offerings to the Gods. After praying, we went to the food court which is just behind the temple. You can get all the vegetarian food there - mee hoon, rice with dishes, desserts, popiah and other 'kuih-muih'. Of course I bought back food for myself. My fav - fried mee hoon.

Today's lunch was Sliced Ginger Fish, Blanched Watercress, Fried Pomfret with Black Pepper Sauce and Aunty Sham's famous Kerabu Mee Hoon (Sorry Jacquie and Joyce... I've eaten your portion..). I always look forward to Mother's food. It's always something new and the great part is it adds to my recipe collection. Dinner was something simple but I must say the simple things are the BEST! It was Fried Sardines, Blanched Okra, Sambal Belacan and 'Rasum'. Are you drooling? I am.. actually...

Some updates on the wedding... Mother has just paid the deposit for Syuen Hotel. I only need to confirm on the backdrop which I need Jacquie's help and we'll confirm on the wedding cards by tomorrow. So far, the Ipoh dinner is under control. Left with getting costumes for Appu and Mother.

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